• 01-FEB-2019

Buns & Bubbles

One-of-a-kind Contemporary Baked Delicacies and Tea Specialties
Buns & Bubbles is a premier bakery in Macau that features exquisite Chinese pastries, where guests can enjoy one-of-a-kind baked delicacies and tea specialties throughout the day.
Whether the customers are looking for a quick snack or a hearty meal, the daily freshly baked treats at Buns & Bubbles can deliver a satisfying gourmet experience that suits their needs. Every day, the in-house bakers prepare an enticing selection of Chinese buns, crispy pies and cookies, sandwiches, and egg tarts with fresh out-of-the-oven schedule, filling the bakery with an appetizing aroma and a mouthwatering appeal.
Beverage options at Buns & Bubbles is just as exciting. These include a signature milk tea featuring Wynn Palace specialty tea and premium Ceylon tea as tea base and pairing with the finest evaporated milk, freshly ground coffee, fresh juices and seasonal beverages.
Buns & Bubbles is a bright, playful and colorful space designed with a French sidewalk café in mind. Materials like sophisticated Zebrano wood, elegant Italian marble and sleek terrazzo flooring are used against a wall of shaped colorful mirrors and culinary tools-inspired art pieces. To top off the vibrant and lively ambiance is an artful sculpture crafted by a renowned French artist and an outdoor terrace for guests to relax with their families and friends under the warmth of the sun.