Chef Tam's Seasons

  • 21-AUG-2023

Reimagined Cantonese Cuisine That Celebrates the Best of Each Season

Inspired by the 24 solar terms of Chinese traditional wisdom, renowned Cantonese master chef Tam Kwok Fung presents a new conceptual restaurant, Chef Tam's Seasons. Chef Tam revitalizes Cantonese cuisine by matching global ingredients with contemporary culinary techniques, complete with a food and nourishment philosophy that pays homage to seasonality. Chef Tam's Seasons is a proud recipient of one MICHELIN star. It is also listed on the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2024 and is named "Best Restaurant in Macau", becoming the only restaurant in Macau to be ranked on this prestigious list.

Executive Chef Tam Kwok Fung is revered around the world for his award-winning Cantonese cuisine. After leading his restaurants to international honors such as Michelin stars and placement on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, Chef Tam is Macau's first recipient of 'Chef of the Year' honor at the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide in 2023. Throughout his career, he has also served a host of dignitaries – from politicians to international royalties.

Adopting a theme that matches with Wynn Palace's all-season blooms, where the season's best flavors bloom through dishes created at Chef Tam's Seasons, the restaurant captures the joy of refined Cantonese gastronomy with premium seasonal ingredients. This new establishment invites food lovers from around the world to witness and experience Chef Tam's versatility in highlighting and elevating his prowess in the Cantonese kitchen, as the Chef and his experienced chef team design menus of courses that honor Chinese traditional wisdom of health and gastronomy. Inspired by the 24 solar terms that signifies the micro-changes of climate of each season, ingredient availability is highly seasonal, often fleeting, yet Chef Tam is adamant to the constant varying times that are iconic to Cantonese cuisine.  Through introducing contemporary concepts and techniques, combined with playful creativity, Chef Tam is set to create a new form of Cantonese cuisine that showcase the rich heritage of Cantonese cuisine with innovative flair.

Sourced by way of seasonality, Chef Tam carefully curates ingredients based on micro-changes in regional climate, locally and internationally. Apart from seasonal gourmet, Chef Tam presents a 'Seasonal Nourishing Soup' on rotation according to each change of micro-season. Besides Chef Tam's 24 Solar Terms Degustation Menu, Chef Tam's Seasons is instrumental in offering bespoke menu design service for its guests, where dietary preferences are considered in a tailor-made menu to facilitate a personalized dining experience.                          

Tea art and the appreciation of fine wines and spirits are unequivocal support to an unforgettable dining experience, celebrating the rich Chinese history and culture. At Chef Tam's Seasons, guests can enjoy a unique tea pairing menu throughout the meal, as well as artisanal brews and tisanes at the tea lounge, where rare, compressed tea cakes are set on golden lotus display trays set against the floral glass mosaic decorative wall. To showcase the rich Chinese wine culture, the experienced sommelier team sources a vast collection of Chinese baijiu, displayed on a custom-built Baijiu trolley. Guests can enjoy a guided tasting flight accompanied by Chef Tam's signature bar snacks for a truly remarkable baijiu experience. 

The bespoke design of a vast leather door panel leads all guests into its main dining space, where the expansive room encapsulates warming accents of beige and pale gold. The show-stopping chandelier features over 700 Murano Glass butterflies, fluttering midair to form a picturesque vibe with artistically arranged flower art. Chef Tam's Seasons features six private dining quarters for exclusive gatherings and events.