Lakeview Palace

  • 21-AUG-2023

Showcasing classics with a modern touch

Wynn Palace is proud to present Lakeview Palace, the luxury resort's brand new dining Jiangnan cuisine establishment. The new restaurant encapsulates the essence of Jiangnan cuisine, infused with contemporary elements to reinvent classics to new heights. Signature dishes from Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine as the main highlight of the restaurant, supported by notable courses from Sichuan and Guangdong repertoires.

In Lakeview Palace, guests can anticipate on a new series of reinvented Jiangnan cuisine. "Cold Marinated Abalone with Pickled Chili" is a refreshing highlight of his menu. Fresh abalones from Dalian province are seasoned in a lightly-spiced soy marinade, paired with cucumber gelee shaped to resemble a painting. The marinated mollusk is paired with Sichuan light-pickled style French fennel bulb, served with a light anecdote to homemade chili sauce that exemplifies complexity in flavors. Classic Beggar's Chicken turns to "Fortune Chicken with Wild Mushroom Ragouts" takes a modern approach, as replaced the conventional mud-covered preparation with a Western execution of baking the mushroom-stuffed chicken in a Wellington pastry crust.

Lakeview Palace takes great pride with a full panoramic view of Wynn Palace's vast Performance Lake and transforms the beauty of Jiangnan into shades of emerald green, where natural sunlight embellishes the space with intricate, auspicious cloud pattern designs. Its design mirrors the scenic ambience of a feast by the lakeside, feeling the light breeze that inspires a journey of discovery on Jiangnan gastronomy. Eight private dining rooms, reminiscent of opera boxes, are available for added privacy; of these, four are located lakeside with private outdoor terraces.