• 21-DEC-2018

Wynn Team Members Graduate from Diploma Programs in Casino and Gaming Management at UM

Wynn Team Members Graduate from Diploma Programs in Casino and Gaming Management at UM
Employees encouraged to continue lifelong learning to improve competitiveness
Macau, December 21, 2018 ─ Wynn has long devoted effort to cultivating local talents and providing different continuing education courses to team members, in order to assist them to better equip themselves and increase their competitiveness, thereby providing them with opportunities for upward and lateral mobility. This year, Wynn encouraged and sponsored 36 team members to enroll in either the one-year 'Diploma in Casino Management' program or 'Advanced Diploma in Gaming Management' program, organized by the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming (ISCG) at the University of Macau (UM). This also marked a record high in the number of participants compared with past years.
ISCG at the University of Macau recently held a graduation ceremony for all the graduates. The ceremony was officiated by Prof. Rose Lai Neng, associate dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at UM, Prof. Davis Fong Ka Chio, director of the ISCG, and management representatives from the gaming operators. Graduates who had completed the 12th 'Diploma in Casino Management' program or 8th 'Advanced Diploma in Gaming Management' program were awarded certificates. Moreover, nine of the fourteen students awarded as either 'Outstanding Graduates' or 'Distinction Graduates' are from Wynn, an encouraging result.
Participating students said that the course design aligned with the development trends of the industry, and provided them with specialized professional knowledge that will enable them to use what they have learnt in the workplace. This also underlines Wynn's devotion to providing its team members with opportunities for well-rounded professional development, building a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Macau's gaming industry. Since the launch of the diploma programs, a
total of 145 members from Wynn have enrolled in the courses, helping to cultivate more specialized talents who will help support the future of the industry.
The ISCG launched the two diploma programs in 2007, offering training opportunities to gaming practitioners and those who are interested in a career in the gaming industry, as well as to elevate the competitiveness of the local workforce. To date, the two diploma programs have graduated over 800 students, with many of them having already been promoted to management positions in the gaming industry.
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