Wynn Proudly Presents Special Exhibition "The Contour of Light: A Re-encounter with Leonardo da Vinci"

  • 14-JUL-2023

Macau, July 14, 2023 — "Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2023" celebrates its return from July to October this year. As an active participant in this world-class cultural and artistic event, Wynn Macau has curated a special exhibition "The Contour of Light: A Re-encounter with Leonardo da Vinci" to help further promote the appreciation and development of art and culture in Macau. The special exhibition, accompanied by an art seminar, is set to open on July 30 and will run until October 15 at Wynn Art Center, Wynn Palace. Being the first Leonardo da Vinci themed art exhibition in Macau, it will offer audiences a multi-sensory immersive experience that combines art and technology, incorporating interactive light installations, cutting-edge light projection technologies, and digital art.

Introduction of "The Contour of Light: A Re-encounter with Leonardo da Vinci"
Leonardo da Vinci represents Renaissance thought, art, and science deeply rooted in Europe. Renaissance influence rode Portuguese carracks to reach Macao and spread across the Middle Kingdom along with Matteo Ricci's missions. In the meantime, Chinese culture, philosophy, and art ventured to Europe, embarking on Sinitic learnings' journey to the West. Macao's encounters with Renaissance masters have bridged East and West. Cutting-edge light projection technologies enable yet another rendezvous between Maca and da Vinci.

"The Contour of Light: A Re-encounter with Leonardo da Vinci", integrated in the Special Exhibition of "Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2023", presents a multi-sensory immersive experience of Leonardo da Vinci's works of art and science. Through cutting-edge light projection technologies, the Renaissance mastermind metamorphoses into digital art representing his formidable talent and imagination. Complementing the digital art, exhibits using Virtual Reality (VR) and Hologram technology allow you to delve deep into Leonardo's fascinating world. Computer-built virtual 3D spaces with visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory simulated experiences break through the limitations of the physical exhibit, allowing you to explore the space as if you are actually there. Meanwhile, exhibits using holographic recordings present real-world stereoscopic illusions that can be viewed and appreciated from multiple angles.

In line with the future development direction of art and technological collaboration, Wynn hopes this special exhibition will further enrich the application of digital art and innovative technologies. At the same time, through interesting and interactive ways, it aims to ambitiously increase public awareness of Eastern and Western history, culture, art, and science, and strongly supports the diversified development of arts and cultural events in Macau. In addition, Wynn will collaborate

with the Macao Heritage Ambassadors Association to provide guided tours during the exhibition to enrich visitors' appreciation of the arts and make da Vinci's works as accessible as possible to the greater community.

Event details and ticketing

Dates:                         July 30 to October 15, 2023

Time:                           11a.m. to 7p.m.

Venue:                         Wynn Art Center, Wynn Palace

Ticketing Website:      https://www.ticketing.wynnresortsmacau.com/

Ticketing Box Offices:

Wynn Macau Concierge at Wynn Tower, 24-hour hotline: (853) 8986 3068

Wynn Palace Concierge at South Atrium Lobby, 24-hour hotline: (853) 8889 3070

"Art Macao" is an international art event organized by the Macao Special Administrative Region Government integrating resources from various sectors in the S.A.R., aimed at congregating global creative forces to produce a city-wide signature biennale event. Renowned curator Qiu Zhijie is the chief curator of "Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2023" which has adopted the theme "The Statistics of Fortune" to reflect on the expectations and concerns caused by the development of science and technology and explore the clashes and interactions between science and religion. Over 200 artists from more than 20 countries and regions allows visitors to experience the breadth and depth of art while at the same time embarking on a grand aesthetic journey. The objective is to raise to a new level the cultural and artistic atmosphere of Macao as a famous World Heritage city.