• 01-JUN-2018

Wynn Presents a Summer Feast of International Cuisine

Wynn Presents a Summer Feast of International Cuisine
Taste the Recommended Dishes by "A Bite of China" Consultants
Macau, June 1, 2018 Summer is in the air and The Gastronomic Treasure of Macau is also set to be aired on Tencent's video channel. Sponsored by Wynn, this program documents Macau's gastronomy scene and the journey of inheritance of the traditional culinary art. There is no better time than now for Wynn Palace Cotai and Wynn Macau to launch their "Summer Specials" menu and the signature dishes recommended by the consultants of A Bite of China. In the months of June to August, guests will be able to enjoy a program to excite their appetite while treating their taste buds to a cooling and healthy gourmet experience featuring the freshest seasonal produce.
Wynn Palace Cotai
Andrea's philosophy has always been to present authentic regional Chinese cuisine with a contemporary twist. In the midst of the filming of The Gastronomic Treasure of Macau, Andrea's Chef de Cuisine especially sourced brine from pickled vegetables which had been fermenting for more than 10 years from Sichuan. The briny liquid is used to marinade the restaurant's very own appetizing, cooling and lactic acid-rich pickled vegetables to go with the summer dishes for guests to savor between June 1 and August 11. Highlights include Stewed Yellow Catfish with Pickles in Sour Broth and Braised Pigeon with House-made Sichuan Style Pickles which are favourites of the consultants of A Bite of China and which embody a combination of savory, sweet, sour and spicy flavors – ideal for beating the summer heat.
Truffle is one of the most exclusive delicacies in the world and is highly sought after by gourmands. During the black truffle season in the Southern Hemisphere, SW Steakhouse has created a selection of dishes featuring Australian Black Winter Truffle. Truffle will be sliced onto the USDA Prime Beef Carpaccio, Pan Seared Ora King Salmon and Wagyu Beef Tongue, etc. to highlight the sensational aroma. The roundish evenly-shaped black truffle comes from the prime truffle producing region of Manjimup in the western part of Australia and Tasmania. The Australian Black Winter Truffle is as fragrant and flavorful as its France counterpart, and a perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.
From June 9 to August 31, Mizumi will be launching a nine-course Summer Kaiseki Menu designed to appeal to discerning taste buds. Embracing the spirit of seasonality in kaiseki, Executive Chef Min Kim has flown in the very best seasonal ingredients like sweetcorn, black truffle, black lip abalone and eel from different parts of Japan including Hokkaido, Aomori, Chiba, Wakayama and Kyushu. All will be prepared using traditional culinary skills to bring out the natural flavor of the food.   
Wynn Macau
To kick start the summer season, Mizumi, the only Michelin two-starred Japanese restaurant in Macau, will be debuting a Seasonal Vegetables Tempura with Cold Inaniwa Udon dish. The Chef de Cuisine has flown in vegetables like pumpkin from Hokkaido, Manganji pepper from Kyoto and eggplant from Okayama as ingredients for the tempura, while the sauce to accompany the smooth and chewy cold Inaniwa udon, is made using Rishiri kombu from Hokkaido, dried bonito shavings from Aichi Prefecture, dried mackerel flakes from Wakayama and dried sardines from Nagasaki. The dish is a delicious representation of the essence of summertime.
Awarded Michelin recognition for nine consecutive years, Wing Lei, will be adding a floral touch to its summer dishes during the lotus blossoming season. The Steamed Bean Curd Stuffed with Crabmeat and Crab Roe in Lotus Leaf, for example, is prepared by stuffing fresh crab meat and crab roe into the bean curd, then place on the lotus leaf together with bean sprouts and night-fragrant flower, and steam until cooked. The bean curd absorbs the subtle scent of the lotus leaf and the night-fragrant flower, which helps to bring out the natural umami flavor of the crab meat and crab roe. A uniquely summer dish that pleases the taste buds and nourishes the stomach. In addition, as a tribute to the long history of the barbecue technique in Cantonese culinary tradition, Wing Lei has also prepared the all-time classic, dishes recommended by the consultants of A Bite of China such as Sliced barbecued pork with goose liver and mushrooms and Barbecued pork loin rolls with pineapple for the nostalgic gourmands.
Green bean has always been a summer staple because of its cooling properties; and bird's nest is considered a precious and top-quality nourishing delicacy. Two Michelin-starred Golden Flower has married the two and crafted a Green Beans with Bird's Nest Cake especially for the summertime. The bird's nest in the cake is sweet in taste and mild in nature, when taken together with green beans can help balance the cold nature of the green beans while nurturing the body. This nutritious and cooling delicacy is subtle in color yet refreshing in taste, making it a great accompaniment to a nice cup of tea. And not to forget the chicken stock – the soul of Tan Cuisine. Golden Flower's Chef de Cuisine went off-the-beaten-track to visit mountain areas looking for a rare chicken species deemed fit to be used to make the supreme chicken stock for classic Tan dishes such as Braised fish maw with crab meat in chicken broth and White asparagus and jasmine in clear chicken soup, which are all signature dishes applauded by the consultants of A Bite of China.
Having received five-star rating from the Forbes Travel Guide for consecutive years, Ristorante Il Teatro will be serving Crab Risotto – Dungeness Crab, Amalfi Lemon and Arborio Rice this summer. The Dungeness crab is one of the most valuable seafood resources in the US, with its prime harvest months being from June to August. Chef de Cuisine handpicked the male Dungeness crab that are large-bodied, then pair it with lemon from Amalfi Coast in Italy to enhance the sweetness of the crab, and finish with a classic Italian risotto to complete the not-to-be-missed dish.
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