Wynn Participates in the National Security Education Exhibition for Five Consecutive Years

  • 15-APR-2023

Raising team member's awareness of national security and safeguarding the long-term prosperity and stability of Macao

Macau, April 15, 2023 The National Security Education Day, observed on April 15, aims to raise the public awareness about the national security. To support the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) government in promoting national security education and further deepening the understanding of the overall national security among Wynn's team members, Ms. Linda Chen, President and Vice Chairman of the Board of Wynn Macau, Limited, led a group of senior management 50 from various departments and members of the senior management team to participate in the opening day of "National Security Education Exhibition". All the team members took this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the country's development and achievements, and foster patriotism and love for Macau.

Wynn has participated in the "National Security Education Exhibition" for five consecutive years since 2019.  The annual event is expected to help cultivate team members' respect for national sovereignty, raise their awareness of safeguarding national security, and contribute to maintaining national security and Macao's prosperity and stability, while fostering the steady progress of the implementation of the "One Country, Two System" policy.

The exhibition highlights a series of milestones and achievements of the country in various fields, guided by the comprehensive national security strategy. It also showcases the continuous improvement of the Macao SAR government's national security system under the care and strong support of the central government. The exhibition emphasizes Macao's active integration into the overall national development, effectively ensuring the unity of the central government's comprehensive governance power and the Macao SAR government's high degree of autonomy. In addition, it illustrates the implementation of the fundamental principle of "patriots governing Macao", which ensures the social stability and economic development of Macao.

Safeguarding national security is the responsibility of all sectors. Rooted in Macau, Wynn is fully committed to implementing national security education and advocating national security knowledge, dedicated to genuinely safeguarding the long-term prosperity and stability of Macao.