Wynn Palace Reveals "Chef Tam's Seasons" by Chef Tam Kwok Fung

  • 18-OCT-2023

Savor the freshness of the four seasons with the 24 solar terms

Macau, October 17, 2023 — Cantonese Master Chef Tam Kwok Fung, the Wynn management team, as well as legendary singer Johnny Jiang jointly opened Chef Tam's Seasons, a brandnew conceptual restaurant at Wynn Palace today. Under the leadership of Master Chef Tam, this truly inspirational new restaurant is set to promote Chinese cuisine and its rich cultural traditions on the world stage.

During the grand opening ceremony, guests were treated to a very special tea ceremony performed by the resident Tea Sommelier from Chef Tam's Seasons. The exclusive art of tea pairing is in perfect harmony with the 24 solar terms of Chinese traditional wisdom, which are at the very heart and soul of the restaurant's philosophy. Guests of the event were among the first to experience a Scent of the Oriental Beauty welcome tea, the Kir Royal of Insects Awakening welcome cocktail and to savor canapes of Deep-fried scallop mantou with caviar – a Chef Tam's Seasons specialty.

In honor of Chef Tam's dedication to the promotion of Cantonese cuisine, Ms. Linda Chen, President and Vice Chairman of the Board of Wynn Macau, Limited presented a very special memento to him during the grand opening ceremony. With Chef Tam at the helm of Chef Tam's Seasons, he will devote his efforts toward promoting the rich culture of Chinese cuisine, showcase Macau as the gastronomic capital of the world, and continue to present the ultimate Cantonese dining experience for his guests.

At the ceremony, Chef Tam showcased his talent for presenting a truly personalized dining experience for guests through his seasonal tasting menu. Sourced by way of seasonality, Chef Tam carefully curates the ingredients for each dish based on micro-changes in regional climate, locally and internationally. Chef Tam specially created a seasonal nourishing soup to rejuvenate the body and soul, while also highlighting the cultural traditions of Cantonese cuisine. Chef Tam 2 also took a moment to share his concept for the restaurant and personal passion for Cantonese cuisine: "Chef Tam's Seasons aims to bring together gourmands from around the world to explore a feast for the senses. Each dish is prepared in accordance with the 24 solar terms to pay homage to the cultural traditions of Chinese culture. I advocate seasonality with a strong focus on the pure flavors of ingredients, and remain committed toward carrying on the legacy and authenticity of Cantonese cuisine with a blend of East and West, while also introducing contemporary concepts and techniques to add even greater vitality to traditional Cantonese cuisine. My goal is for guests to experience both the traditional and innovative sides of Cantonese cuisine right here in Macau, at Chef Tam's Seasons."