Wynn Offers Team Members up to Three Days of Special Vaccine Leave for Family Vaccinations

  • 01-MAR-2022

Macau, March 1, 2022 – In an effort to protect our city and keep it safe during the pandemic, children and the elderly are being encouraged to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. To support this effort, Wynn is offering its team members up to three days of additional leave to enable them to accompany their children or senior family members when they receive the vaccine and to care for them afterwards. This special vaccine leave will be effective from March 7 to June 30, 2022.

The special family vaccine leave will be available to all Wynn team members for use on the day they accompany their children (aged under 18 years old) and/or elderly parents (aged 65 and over) for their first, second, or third dose within Macau. This can be either at a government clinic or a Health Bureau outreach event in a school or at Wynn's own properties.

This follows Wynn's previous announcement in March 2021 that team members who have completed their vaccination doses can enjoy up to two days of special leave. Team members who receive their third 'booster' dose of the COVID-19 vaccine are also entitled to a special day of leave, enabling them to get sufficient rest afterwards. Currently, the overall vaccination rate among Wynn team members is close to 95%.

Understanding that the health and safety of our team members and their families is of the utmost importance, Wynn will continue to maintain close communication and cooperation with the Health Bureau, proactively working with and fully supporting the various pandemic prevention policies and measures of the SAR government. By doing so, it will help to ensure the safety and health of team members and guests while also fostering the economic recovery of Macau.