Wynn Macau Reveals Visionary Plan for New Restaurant Concepts Globally renowned Chef André Chiang takes on role of Culinary Ambassador

  • 11-JUL-2023

Chefs will curate creative dining experiences to bolster Macau's culinary industry

Macau, July 11, 2023 — Wynn Macau (HKG: 1128) is pleased to reveal a visionary plan for new restaurant concepts, where creativity takes center stage to create exciting dining experiences for visitors from around the world. 

Celebrity Chef André Chiang becomes Wynn Culinary Ambassador  
Globally renowned Chef André Chiang will take on the new role of Culinary Ambassador with Wynn Macau, having previously successfully served as Culinary Director for Sichuan Moon. Celebrated around the world as a culinary genius, Chef André will create a new Sichuan Moon restaurant at Wynn Palace which will open in a new, intimate setting to be announced soon. The new concept will deliver an unparalleled personalized culinary journey for our guests at Wynn. Sichuan Moon will close at the end of July to move to its new location, and in his new role as Culinary Ambassador, Chef André and the entire Sichuan Moon team will host a series of innovative events in August, including "Sichuan Moon Culinary Tours" in Shanghai and Singapore. 

Cantonese Master Chef Tam Kwok Fung creates his own restaurant concept 
On the heels of his world-renowned success at Wing Lei Palace of Wynn Palace, Cantonese Master Chef Tam Kwok Fung – one of the most revered Chinese chefs in the world and celebrated "Chef of the Year" by the 2023 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide – will present a new restaurant concept of his own in the existing Sichuan Moon location. This new concept is based upon his personal vision for elevating Cantonese cuisine to a global level. With the traditions of Cantonese cuisine at its core, the new culinary experience will integrate the concept of the Chinese 24 Solar Terms found in the Lunar New Year calendar. Culinary artistry and creativity will work in harmony to nurture body and soul, highlighting the importance of China's rich culinary culture.

By showcasing the extraordinary culinary skills of Chef Tam as well as the traditions of Cantonese cuisine through premium ingredients and innovative presentation, the new restaurant will present the rich culture of Cantonese cuisine to the world in an even more profound and meaningful way.  

Executive Chef Wilson Fam takes the helm of Wing Lei Palace at Wynn Palace 
Renowned for his exceptional Chinese and Western culinary skills, as well as his in-depth knowledge of ingredients, Executive Chef Wilson Fam is set to take the helm of Wing Lei Palace as Executive Chef. Chef Fam will lead the Wynn Lei Palace team of experienced chefs to present his talent for crafting extraordinary regional Chinese cuisine.

Armed with nearly 20 years of culinary experience, Chef Fam has garnered praise from his peers in the culinary industry for pushing the boundaries of creativity and his impressive cooking skills.  Under Chef Fam's leadership, Wing Lei Palace will present the finest of Chinese cuisine in a refreshing vibrant setting.