• 16-OCT-2019

Wynn Hosts Facilities and F&B Trainee Commencement Ceremony

Wynn Hosts Facilities and F&B Trainee Commencement Ceremony
Programs continually nurture young blood in the industry
Macau, October 16, 2019 – As a company with deep roots in the community that is proud to be recognized as the employer of choice, Wynn actively cultivates local talents and provides extensive on-the-job training programs for its team members. To further promote the development of the industry and to nurture outstanding talents, Wynn recently organized the 2019 Trainee Commencement Ceremony for 38 facilities and F&B trainees. Wong Chi Hong, Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau was invited to officiate at the ceremony, joining the 150 guests including Wynn management representatives, team members and their family and friends to witness this new cohort entering the next stage in their journey of professional training and career development.
To uphold the principle of "hire-first, train-later", the Wynn Facilities and F&B Academy provide all-round, on-the-job training program for local talents who are interested in facilities and catering development, and to inspire them to seize opportunities in their careers. The program provides students with comprehensive professional and vocational trainings, enabling them to master crucial skills within a given timeframe. Students can also register for internationally recognized accreditation examination to acquire professional qualifications and certificates, ensuring students strike a balance in both theoretical and practical areas and equipping themselves with the necessary skills for their future growth.
At the ceremony, Ms. Zuleika Mok, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Wynn Macau, Limited, said: "Wynn initiated the facilities management training program in 2015, and has also established exclusive teaching facilities and internship workshops in recent years. With the addition of senior vocational training instructors, the facilities management training program has built a strong reputation and has maintained its leading position in the industry." She added, "More recently, the Wynn F&B Academy has further expanded its training team and re-designed three training programs for students at the Academy. Some teaching facilities are undergoing enhancement work that will be completed in the fourth quarter so that they can be used for these programs, which are the most important milestone since the establishment of the Academy."
Wynn also presented certificates at the ceremony to 24 graduates who had completed the 2017 and 2018 Facilities and F&B training programs, in recognition of their efforts and excellence during the course. Suki Chio, a graduate of the Wynn F&B Academy who was promoted to become an Assistant Manager in one of Wynn's restaurants, shared her valuable work and learning experiences from the past two years with the guests and new trainees, hoping to inspire them to pursue future career development and contribute to Wynn's superior service culture.