Wynn becomes the first integrated resort in Macau to develop an automated water refilling system with Nordaq

  • 08-JAN-2021

System will save 8 million plastic bottles annually for the resort

Macau, January 8, 2021 – Wynn has been aggressively exploring innovative methods to reduce plastic waste. It first introduced a Nordaq manual water system to help reduce plastic bottle usage, in early 2019 and recently pioneered the installation of the Nordaq 2000 Refilling System, jointly designed and developed by Nordaq and Wynn. The system can meet the significant demand for bottled water in large-scale integrated resorts and represents a big step forward in the field of innovative environmental protection for the industry. The water Refilling System filters local drinking water to produce high-quality filtered and sparkling water. With this system in place, the company will be able to phase out the use of plastic water bottles, filtering the drinking water into reusable glass bottles, making Wynn the first integrated resort in Macau to introduce this sustainable measure. The automated Refilling System can fill 2,000 bottles of water per hour, and is expected to save 8 million plastic bottles every year. This will significantly reduce plastic waste and its associated carbon footprint in the production, supply and logistics processes, minimizing the negative impact on the environment and setting a new benchmark for the future sustainable development of the hotel industry.

Wynn incorporated the Nordaq manual water filtration system into the food and beverage operations of Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace at the start of 2019. The company plans to expand this initiative to all of its hotel operations by the end of this year, including water bottle distribution to its 2,700 guest rooms across two resorts and provision of the filtered water in employee 'Back-of-house' areas.

Johanna Mattsson, CEO of Nordaq, said "This new facility has been firstly designed and built in cooperation with Wynn, producing an automated solution that not only meet the needs of large-scale integrated resorts but that has also enriched Nordaq's own business offering. This is a testament to our close partnership over the past two years. By these investments in on-site Nordaq water Refilling Systems, Wynn is pioneering new approaches at significant scale to tackling plastic waste in the hospitality sector while reducing costs and making responsible use of precious resources."

These measures reflect Wynn's ongoing commitment to 'Care about Everyone and Everything', and demonstrate the company's consistent mission of social responsibility. By practicing an environmentally friendly approach with its renowned food and beverage operations, Wynn aims to demonstrate that it is possible to offer guests world-class experiences while also making progress in conserving water, minimizing waste and contributing to a better environment for the entire community.