Over half of Wynn team members have received COVID-19 vaccinations

  • 23-JUL-2021

Macau, July 23, 2021 In order to actively encourage the uptake of vaccination against COVID-19, Wynn once again invited medical personnel from the Macau Health Bureau to set up a Vaccination Center at the Grand Theater Ballroom at Wynn Palace from July 19 to 22 to provide vaccination services for team members and their families over four consecutive days. Coupled with the first round of outreach held last month, nearly 4,000 team members and their families have registered for vaccination. Currently, over 50 percent of Wynn team members have been vaccinated, including those who were vaccinated at the designated vaccination sites under the Health Bureau.

In view of the enthusiastic response to the first two rounds of the vaccination outreach program, Wynn is planning to invite the Health Bureau to co-organize a further round of outreach from August 23 to 25, catering to more team members and their families who are interested in vaccination. In addition, in order to further promote and educate about vaccination, Wynn invited Dr. Tai Wa Hou, Clinical Director of the Conde de São Januário Hospital Centre, to provide detailed information about the vaccines to team members at Wynn Palace on July 13, following two rounds of vaccine seminars held in early June. Wynn has held three vaccine information seminars so far, attracting the participation of more than 700 Wynn team members to date.

In addition to these efforts, Wynn has also organized an ongoing array of promotional activities in back-of-house areas to encourage team members to get vaccinated. At the same time, Wynn is arranging shuttle bus services for those who make vaccination appointments, and issues vaccination record cards to those who have received their second dose. Those team members who have completed their vaccination doses can enjoy up to two days of special leave, enabling them to get sufficient rest afterwards.

Vaccination is vital to stabilizing the pandemic situation. Wynn hopes to encourage team members and their families to get vaccinated by organizing a range of initiatives and thereby increase the vaccination rate. Meanwhile, Wynn will continue to support the pandemic prevention guidelines and policies of the SAR government, working together with all sectors of society to help Macau achieve herd immunity as quickly as possible.