Internationally-renowned celebrity Chef André Chiang reinvents classics in a new Discovery Menu at Sichuan Moon

  • 08-FEB-2022

New Executive Chef Wilson Fam perfectly interprets contemporary Sichuan cuisine

Macau, February 8, 2022Wynn Palace's two-Michelin-starred Sichuan restaurant - Sichuan Moon - launches a brand new world view of Sichuan cuisine in March, presenting "color of taste" as a concept to unveil the Discovery Menu. The restaurant's Culinary Director Chef André Chiang showcases the taste of Sichuan cuisine through new ideas and modern methods, leading diners to explore a refreshing and contemporary interpretation of Sichuan culinary arts.

Sichuan Moon additionally welcomes Executive Chef Wilson Fam. With his superb Chinese and Western cooking skills as well as distinctive insights into ingredients, Chef Fam perfectly executes the endeavors of Chef André with a top culinary team at Sichuan Moon. Unleashing the natural taste of ingredients through Sichuan Moon's dishes, Chef Fam aspires to have Sichuan cuisine continuously shine on the world stage, introducing a one-of-a-kind Sichuan experience to gourmets together with Chef André.

Paying tribute to the classics while developing breakthrough by way of innovation is the aim of Sichuan Moon. The gastronomical style is timeless and showcases the charm of modern Sichuan cuisine. Its rich flavors epitomize the reputation of "each dish has its own style; a hundred dishes have a hundred different flavors." Chef André and the team at Sichuan Moon have established a Discovery Menu with brand new culinary world view through notions of modernity and realms that Sichuan cuisine has never ventured into. Presenting traditional Sichuan cuisine through spectrum of colors and using visuals to express "taste", the "color of taste" invites one to imagine each dish, adding spectacular hues and psychological perspective to the experience. Among them, Chef André uses the French classic consommé resulting from clarifying stock to be served with Sichuan classic chicken mousse. Paired with white truffle bird's nest confit, it is sprinkled with ground black truffle and Iberian aged Spanish ham. The layering enriches every spoonful of the savory and smooth wonder. Truffle with Traditional Chicken Mousse and Consommé is becoming a classic and a highlight on the new menu. Inspired by Zhong Dumplings known as "Shuijiao" in ancient times which

is famous for its sauces, Chef André analyzed eight different selections in his sauces, deconstructed and enhanced them layer by layer, then pairing them with Japanese lobster sashimi marinated with "Ma La" spicy sauce. Together with potato soufflé stuffed with cold tofu, "Ma La" Lobster "Zhong Dumpling" presents the essence of Zhong Dumpling - numb, spicy, fresh and fragrant- in an innovative way. Through the colors of flavors, guests can envision the complexity and variations arranged and get a feeling of the origins and transitions of flavors in Sichuan cuisine.

Sichuan Moon further launches a quintessential Classic Menu that retains the traditional characteristics of Sichuan cuisine and must-try unique signature dishes of the restaurant, which includes Peppercorn Flavored Duck Foie Gras and Mushrooms Royale, Secret Recipe - King Crab Leg, revamped Signature Snack, Burnt Scallop with Green Chili and Masterpiece Ma-Po Tofu. These traditional dishes reflect classics in an innovative manner, so that guests can rediscover them again. Chef André also came up with new desserts for the Classic Menu- Reinvented Classic Dessert and Fermented Rice Koji Ice with Osmanthus Snow. Indeed, guests can explore the gastronomic history and culture of Sichuan through a journey of the province's cuisine at Sichuan Moon.

While Chef André designed Classic Menu and Discovery Menu by combining Sichuan and international high-quality seasonal ingredients, Wynn's team of professional sommeliers and tea masters carefully match each dish with rare brews and tea, showcasing the elegance and sophistication of Sichuan cuisine. The team of Sichuan Moon tea masters strives to heighten the experience to perfection through carefully selecting material elements of tea culture such as tea leaves, water, charcoal, pots, and utensils, providing guests with a variety of precious teas from all over the country. Among them Agarwood Pu Erh, which is known as "the first of all fragrances," Signature Pipachá with port wine aroma that aged in Niepoort port 'pipas' of Portugal. Chef André also selected pure water from the Mount Gongga glacier- which has the highest altitude in Sichuan- to brew various kinds of tea, enhancing their nuances and elegance. While delighting in the pleasure of tea, guest can enjoy art performances from the tea master, relishing the exclusive taste experience.

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