• 19-DEC-2017

Certificate Award Ceremony Marks Success of Wynn's "Affirmative Management Program"

Continuing to facilitate career development for local talents
Macau, December 19, 2017 – Since its opening 11 years ago, Wynn has been continually committed to nurturing local talents. Upholding its commitment to facilitating career development for local employees and so benefiting the sustainable growth of Macau, Wynn launched the "Affirmative Management Program" in July this year, a four-month training course for employees in managerial positions from the Facilities department, focusing on enhancing their leadership, communication and management skills. The program aims to help participants to further develop their expertise in their current roles and to prepare them for more senior leadership roles in the field of facilities management in the future.
After nearly 60 hours of intensive training, all 18 team members successfully completed the program and celebrated their achievement at a certificate award ceremony held at Wynn Palace. During the ceremony, Mr. Paul Sorour, Vice President of Facilities of Wynn Palace presented graduation certificates to the students, in recognition of their hard work and dedication throughout the program. Mr. Sorour said that Wynn has spared no effort in training local talents, providing various types of training courses for team members. It guides them to make continuous progress and advancements in different technical fields, enabling them to have a greater competitive advantage in their future career development path.
In order to standardize students' learning progress, the assessment of technical aspects and theoretical knowledge, as well as to nurture more local professional expertise in the facilities management sector through systematic curriculums, Wynn Facilities Academy was established in 2017 following the success of Wynn Academy and Food & Beverage Academy. It is the third initiative from Wynn that aims to fulfill the company's commitment to promoting upward mobility for the local workforce and inspire them to reach their full potential.