• 03-SEP-2019

'Wynn — Post Haywain' Art Exhibition Officially Launched

'Wynn — Post Haywain' Art Exhibition Officially Launched
Showcase of local artworks infuses the arts and culture into the community
Macau, August 28, 2019 – Wynn Macau partnered with local artists and curators to present an art exhibition entitled 'Wynn — Post Haywain', allowing the public and visitors to soak up the artistic atmosphere of 'Art Macao'. The exhibition will showcase a series of artworks created by local artists, continually adding artistic and cultural vitality to Macau as well as supporting its local cultural and creative development. 'Wynn — Post Haywain', the second-phase exhibition of 'Wynn — Garden of Earthly Delights', is free-of-charge and open to the public starting from August 30, 2019 until October 6, 2019 at the Art Gallery on the first floor of Wynn Palace. The exhibition showcases some remarkable artworks created by several contemporary local artists, and offers a chance for both Macau residents and tourists to expand their appreciation of art.
'Wynn — Post Haywain' is co-curated by Wynn and Blanc Art Macau. Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Macau's return to China, the exhibition contextualizes Macau's vibrant development in 20 years. Under the theme "Post Haywain", the exhibition explores the changes and current situations in today's society with a series of contemporary art pieces, with hope that the development of contemporary art in Macau will usher in a new, exciting chapter. The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held at Wynn Palace this afternoon, with officiating guests including Dr. Alexis Tam, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government; Mr. Yao Jiang, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao SAR; Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office; Ms. Lei Lai Kio, Head of the Department of Exhibitions and Museums of Cultural Affairs Bureau; Ms. Linda Chen, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Wynn Macau, Limited; and Ms. Emilia Tang, Curator (Blanc Art).
Curator Emilia Tang said: "Having already shaken off the pure pursuit of beauty to become a kind of cultural reflection on the present world, contemporary art is a mirror of contemporary society. That reflection might be strange and magnificent, or it could be faint and pale, but however seemingly impossible, it is echoing the reality around us." The exhibition includes a series of diverse artworks such as oil painting, photography and sculpture, created by three famous local artists, Choi Su Weng, Wu Chong Wai and Rusty Fox. These artworks show an invisible realism and reveal the essence of beauty, as depicted in another famous masterpiece, "Haystack", by Hieronymus Bosch, which fully demonstrates the pursuit of materialism in life and the symbolic depiction of human nature. For more information on the art exhibition, please visit https://www.wynnresortsmacau.com/art-exhibition-2019/en/intro.html.
In addition, Wynn earlier hosted two art seminars to promote and popularize culture and art in Macau, and invited international art curators as well as internationally famous artists to be the keynote speakers. The events attracted diverse participation from over 100 teachers and students, young people, art enthusiasts and professionals from across different sectors, with the aim to further enhance the general public's understanding of and participation in art. During the exhibition, Wynn also cooperated with the Macao Heritage Ambassadors Association to provide guided tours for groups of visitors from local organizations and schools, bringing the arts closer to the community and thereby enriching our everyday lives.