Wynn Hosts "Responsible Gaming 2020 ‘Stay Control…or Lose’ Micro-Film Premiere"

  • 24-NOV-2020

Wynn Hosts "Responsible Gaming 2020 ‘Stay Control…or Lose’
 Micro-Film Premiere"
Project promotes responsible gaming and the development of
cultural and creative arts among the youth
Macau, November 24, 2020 - Wynn has continually promoted responsible gaming among its team members and the public by organizing various events on a regular basis. In line with the SAR Government’s responsible gaming promotions, this year themed around “Lost Control, Lose Family”, Wynn has extended the “Responsible Gaming Script Contest” held last year and turned the winning piece into a micro-film production, which will be played and promoted on social platforms, to further strengthen the public's awareness of responsible gaming. The "Responsible Gaming 2020 ‘Stary Control…or Lose’ Micro-Film Premiere" was successfully held at the Grand Ballroom of Wynn Macau at 4pm today. It attracted over hundred guests including representatives of related responsible gaming service organizations, local teachers and students, as well as their relatives and friends.
The premiere was attended by officiating guests including, Mr. Zhao Heqing, Deputy Director-General of the Social Affairs Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR, , Ms. Hoi Va Pou, Vice-President of the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS), Ms. Serene Chan, Head of the Research and Investigation Department of Gaming Inspection & Coordination Bureau (DICJ), Ms. Lina Ng, Senior Administrative Assistant of the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming at the University of Macau, Ms. Linda Chen, Vice Chairmen and Executive Director of Wynn Macau Limited, , Mr. Lee Kwok Hoo, Service Director of S.K.H. Macau Social Services Coordination Office, Mr. Austin Vong, President of the Youth Volunteers Association of Macau, Mr. Ip Wai, Vice President of Gaming Employees Home of Macau, Mr. Ben Leong, Vice Managing Director, Secretary of the Macau Responsible Gaming Association, Ms. Carmen Sin, Vice Chair of the Gambling Prevention Committee of Macao New Chinese Youth Association and Mr. Jose Ku, Director of The Funny Old Tree Theatre Ensemble.
In her speech, Ms. Linda Chen said, "Responsible gaming has become a long-term issue for the diversified and healthy development of Macau's gaming industry. Over the years, Wynn has committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, actively supporting and complying to the government's responsible gaming policies, as well as strengthening employees’ and visitors’ understanding of responsible gaming. As one of the key stakeholders taking part in responsible gaming promotion, Wynn has been working closely with the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, Social Welfare Bureau, the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming, University of Macau and local non-profit organizations since 2009, in a collaborative journey lasting more than a decade. What’s worth introducing is that we have invited young local directors and a creative team to be involved in the filming, providing a stage for local performers to unleash their talents. By allowing the award-winning student team to participate in the production, it also helped them enhance their understanding in film production and provided young people with hands-on experience to promote the youth's multi-faceted development as well as nurture local talents. We will uphold the core value of Wynn Care to actively exert a positive influence in society, as well as to support and promote the diversified development of the SAR. While promoting responsible gaming, we will also emphasize promoting the development of the cultural and creative arts in Macau.”
After the micro-film premiere, screenwriter and actors were invited to share their experiences of film production, Ms. Bonnie Wu, Division Head of the Problem Gambling Prevention and Treatment Division of the Social Welfare Bureau, Mr. Posso Ip, Unit in Charge of the S.K.H. Gambling Counseling and Family Wellness Centre (Macau), Mr. Austin Vong, President of the Youth Volunteers Association of Macau, and Mr. Pak Kin Pong, Supervisor of the Gaming Industry Employees Home Integrated Services Centre, were invited to share their experiences of gambling counseling services and so convey the message of responsible gaming deeper into the community, achieving the goal of promoting the topic in a positive, engaging way. Wynn will continue to cooperate closely with all sectors of society, actively participate in various education and promotion work in the community, communicate with the public and tourists on the correct understanding of responsible gaming, and so facilitate the stable, sustainable and healthy development of Macau’s gaming industry.