The World's First and Biggest Chinese Wine Competition of International Standard – The “Wynn Signature Chinese Wine Awards” Reveals the Best Wines of China at Awards Ceremony in April

  • 01-APR-2024

Macau, April 1, 2024 — Wynn will soon reveal the winners of the world’s first and biggest Chinese wine competition of international standard – the “Wynn Signature Chinese Wine Awards” – at the highly anticipated awards gala dinner in April. In early March, Wynn welcomed the world’s foremost authorities and judges in Old and New world wines to Macau. An esteemed panel of 27 internationally acclaimed judges, including seven masters of wine, gathered at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace to conduct intensive blind tastings for China’s finest wines produced by nearly 200 wineries across the nation. Following on from the judging week, Wynn will host the “Wynn Signature Chinese Wine Awards Gala Dinner” on April 13, awarding 23 trophies to Chinese wines of exceptional quality.

As the world's biggest Chinese wine competition judged by international standards, the inaugural “Wynn Signature Chinese Wine Awards” attracted nearly 200 renowned Chinese wineries, which submitted more than 700 applications to compete. Through this new signature Chinese wine awards platform, Wynn aims to promote Chinese fine wines on an international stage and enhance the visibility and recognition of Chinese wines on a global scale. Wynn also remains committed toward promoting Macau’s status as a UNESCO-designated Creative City of Gastronomy.

The judging week for the competition was held in early March at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace. The “Wynn Signature Chinese Wine Awards” competition implemented an exacting and professional evaluation system tailored to Chinese wines. Judging was conducted through blind tastings, adhering to the internationally recognized 100-point scale, and utilizing a comprehensive grading system to determine the award winners. The judges rated the bronze medal (85-89 points), silver medal (90-94 points) and gold medal (95-100 points) wines first, and then the gold medal winners competed for 23 trophies awarded across three major categories: “Wynn Signature Trophies”, “Varietals Champion Trophies” and “Regional Champion Trophies”. All of the awardwinning wines will be officially announced and honored at the “Wynn Signature Chinese Wine Awards” gala dinner on April 13.

After finalizing the list of winners, Wynn will continue to host a series of “Wynn Signature Chinese Wine Awards” events including Wine Masterclasses, networking sessions and wine tastings conducted by world-renowned wine experts on April 13 and 14. Wynn will also introduce a series of promotional events in May, featuring special banquets and exclusive gastronomic dining experiences hosted by award-winning wineries and Wynn’s exceptional restaurants. These uniquely Wynn signature wine events are designed to give oenophiles and gastronomes an opportunity to savor the very best of Chinese wines at Wynn in Macau. These events will also strengthen partnerships with China's top wineries to promote fine wines and expand the international market, while driving the development and innovation of the Chinese wine industry.

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