• 01-FEB-2019

Red 8

All-day feast of Southern Chinese favorites
At Red 8 you will find the best Southern Chinese specialties, served in a dynamic setting. Open around the clock, the vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant pairs well with an enticing menu replete with Southern Chinese comfort food such as the signature thin-framed roast goose. Old favorites haven't been forgotten with an array of options including rice, noodles, dim sum and BBQ dishes.
The finest ingredients are sourced from around the world to ensure guests can savor the best of the best whenever they might feel like it, from Spanish pork shoulder to Taiwanese pork belly.
With a color palette inspired by a carved lacquered cinnabar box surrounded by summer flowers, the fan-shaped room features a butterfly tree at its center that brings joy to all who enter. The entire carved back wall has been mirrored in a classic cracked ice and plum blossom motif and angled to reflect the energy and excitement of the restaurant.