• 01-FEB-2019


A multi-sensory hot pot experience
To create a hot pot experience that is truly authentic, the experienced chefs at Fontana go out of their way to gather the freshest and finest ingredients from all over the world and create their very own, signature hot pot broths. Fontana, with its panoramic views to the Performance Lake – courtesy of dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows – is the perfect setting to indulge in a hot pot bursting with flavor while watching plumes of water dance to music.

There is so much more to hot pot than meets the eye. It is an experience in itself, and contains the connotation of Chinese food culture. The chefs at Fontana have specially created 9 signature broths featuring traditional, herbal and regional flavors. These include lobster with tomato broth, a nourishing chicken with Shaoxing Huadiao wine broth, a Chongqing pickled mustard greens broth and more.

The quality of ingredients is paramount at Fontana. Guests may order from signature set menus or select whatever they wish from an a la carte menu featuring premium seafood, high-quality meat, organic vegetables, mushrooms and more. The homemade meat balls, fresh and tender shrimp mousseline, cuttlefish paste and homemade noodles and dumplings are all highly recommended for the perfect hot pot experience. As a refreshing complement to the hot pot, Fontana has also crafted its own specialty beverages that include an Osmanthus sour plum drink and herbal, flower-infused teas. The restaurant also serves 8 varieties of ice cream and sorbet for a sweet ending to the entire experience.

The restaurant is a two-tier theater, a space to celebrate with family and friends, offering views of the fountains. Its décor is inspired by the architecture, porcelains, textiles and furnishings of the Ming dynasty, a magnificent reinvention of Chinoiserie design for the 21st-century. Representing the timeless and enduring influence of the arts of China on European and American design, the dazzling Viaradot Dragon mirror collection by renowned Chinoiserie artist Gabriel-Frédéric Viaradot creates a centerpiece in the buffet area. It took five years of international travel to complete the collection.