• 01-FEB-2019

99 Noodles

The finest flavors of Northern China
Led by chefs from Shaanxi and Shanxi, the birthplaces of noodles, 99 Noodles serves Northern noodle classics in a mix-and-match menu. In the noodle show kitchen, guests can see them being hand-pulled by the resident master chefs throughout the day. Diners can also appreciate a wide variety of northern Chinese appetizers and specialty dishes.
An interactive menu offers guests the opportunity to create their own combinations from a wide selection of nine noodles, nine broths and unlimited garnishes and sauces to sample the best this regional cuisine has to offer, all made fresh using the finest ingredients.
Anchoring the casino floor opposite Red 8, the restaurant's playful and colorful environment is set off by an envelope of glossy white. White open shelved bookcases surround guests with an illuminated display of rainbow colored resin bowls, serving as beacons of color as well as hints of the culinary treats offered within. Another Chinese traditional element, the lantern, forms the focal point of the room, with bright modern sculptures dangling from above as colorful mosaic inlays decorate the floor below. The space is further lifted by orange colored accents in the seating and table tops which bring an additional spark of color and excitement to the interior.