Pear and Chuan Bei Soup with Deep-fried Almond Puff



Pear and Chuan Bei Soup with Deep-fried Almond Puff
A once popular dim sum believed to have originated from Northern China's "pot fry", the Gor Za puff is now primarily relegated to nostalgia. This delicacy originally required frying solidified broth in hot oil until it was crispy outside, yet soft inside. Doing so required enormous temperature precision, making the dish easy to learn but hard to master. Chef Tam has updated this recipe, recreating its core crispy-yet-soft essence as fried nuggets of almond milk, served with a delicious pear and chaun bei soup.

The key to a good traditional Gor Za puff lies in skillfully turning a liquid into a paste, and in the contrast between the puff's crispy outside and soft interior. Inspired by Taoism, this Taoist Infini bowl celebrates the truth that nothing remains in its original, unchanged form forever. The curves that rise and fall symbolize the way life emerges and fades. Offering a true feast for the eyes, the bowl is decorated in glittering gold leaf, connoting the highest standard of hospitality and symbolizing a shining moment of delight in an ever-changing world.
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