Golden-fried Lace Fat Rolls and Scrambled Egg White with Buffalo Milk Cheese



Golden-fried Lace Fat Rolls and Scrambled Egg White with Buffalo Milk Cheese
This dish is based on the traditional Cantonese caul fat roll. Originally, this dish was made with pork kidney and pork liver, which were wrapped in caul fat and then deep-fried. Due to the handling process of lace fat is very complicated, the dish started to fade out. Chef Tam's reinterpretation of this classic dish by rolling the healthy seasonal ingredients featuring Toyama white shrimp, French blue lobster and crab claw with lace fat which brings up multiple delicious layers of texture and the rich aroma of caul fat. The creamy fried milk that accompanies the rolls elevates the flavors even further.

Traditional wisdom should be preserved for future generations, just like the design of this historic high footed plates. Designs for long-stemmed high footed plates were used in China as far back as 6,000 years ago, from Neolithic ceramic wares to the bronze wares of the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties. The Han, Wei and Jin dynasties also used this style of high footed plates for their lacquerware wines, and the Tang Dynasty featured similar pottery and chinaware. These Tang style high footed plates in modern composition are perfect for preserving China's disappearing flavors as well as the culinary art of the caul fat roll and fried buffalo milk cheese.
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