Braised Giant Grouper Skin, Pomelo Peel, Kombu and Venison Tendon



Braised Giant Grouper Skin, Pomelo Peel, Kombu and Venison Tendon
This dish was inspired by the Manchu Han Imperial Feast, named Kunlun Bao Pu that used an exceptionally precious ingredient – the skin of a giant grouper. Ensuring the skin's perfect texture and flavor required meticulous cooking. Its taste was perfectly complemented by abalone sauce, which made it a favorite dish of dignitaries at imperial feasts. Chef Tam has chosen a modern cooking method to present this vintage flavor, complementing the giant grouper skin with venison tendon, kombu and pomelo peel. This collagen-rich dish uses ingredients from the land and sea, and is braised with various sauces, including chicken, beef, dried flatfish and shrimp as well as abalone respectively, for a variety of combinations of flavors.

A magnificent feast requires magnificent tableware. The chinaware of Treasure bowl inspired by "Dragon-well style crack glaze" from the Song Dynasty has been used. Besides honoring the heights of Chinese culture, it also showcases the beauty in Japan's wabi-sabi philosophy. By highlighting the cracks with gold lines, this chinaware celebrates the splendor and beauty in imperfection and impermanence.
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