• 31-AUG-2018

Wynn Reveals the Colorful Flavors of Autumn

Wynn Reveals the Colorful Flavors of Autumn
The restaurants of Wynn Palace and Wynn Macau
serve the freshest and healthiest of ingredients in celebration of the season
Macau, August 31, 2018 – As the crisp autumn season approaches, the chefs at Wynn Palace Cotai and Wynn Macau have meticulously crafted an array of special dishes in celebration of the season from September through November this year.  

Wynn Palace Cotai
In a nod to the ancient Chinese proverb – a healthy diet is better than medicine – Wing Lei Palace has sourced the highest quality ingredients of the season that are full of goodness for its autumn dishes. One of the highlights of the season on the Wing Lei Palace menu is the Wok-fried French blue lobster with flowering garlic chives and walnuts. Guests are welcome to experience an array of fall seasonal dishes in the palatial dining room of Wing Lei Palace from September 17.
Honoring the Japanese tradition of cooking in harmony with the season, Mizumi presents "Autumn Kaiseki" starting from September 21.  In celebration of this season of change, the dishes at Mizumi will feature ingredients that are intensely flavorful and fresh from the sea including pike eel from Tokushima Prefecture; scallops from Hokkaido; Japanese tile fish from Shizuoka Prefecture and Ise-ebi, Japanese spiny lobster from Ise Island.
SW Steakhouse offers an entertaining dining experience, where guests enjoy exceptional steaks and seafood while watching theatrical 3D animations. With the cooler months of autumn upon us, SW Steakhouse will prepare a warm and hearty Australian Wagyu beef tongue soup that must simmer for 10 hours with the season's best vegetables before serving. The prized Rubia Gallega Roxa D'ouro, a Galacian beef of extraordinarily high quality from Spain is a welcome new addition to the menu. Enjoy the rich flavors of the season at SW Steakhouse from September 26 – October 31.  
Wynn Macau
Golden Flower, which has received two Michelin stars for an impressive six consecutive years, is bidding farewell to the traditional flavors of summer and welcoming the flavors of autumn. The seasonal menu features Braised pork with spicy sauce in a clay pot using premium quality Duroc D'Olives pork from Belgium, in keeping with the traditions of Beijing cooking. The restaurant is also serving a dose of good and healthy dishes such as the Tossed black fungus and onions with sesame oil and vinegar; Braised yellow croaker with tofu in garlic sauce and Double-boiled pear, white fungus and gleditsia fruit (honey locust) in sweet soup.
In keeping with Cantonese tradition, cured meats are a must with the arrival of autumn. Wing Lei, which has won the coveted Michelin star award for nine consecutive years, is honoring that tradition by serving Stir-fried sliced lotus root, water chestnut and Cantonese preserved sausage. Wing Lei is also sourcing the freshest of ingredients to prepare these exceptional autumn dishes: Chilled sliced mutton and pomelo salad; Baked hairy crab or roe crab with sea salt and Double-boiled Irish duck leg soup with sea coconut and 30-years aged tangerine peel.
Unlike the common taro you might find throughout other seasons of the year, the Japanese taro from Kyoto, is especially flavorful during the autumn months, and is the perfect complement to oil-rich meat. Macau's only two-star Michelin restaurant Mizumi is pleased to be serving the finest taro of the season with premium, A4 wagyu beef by offering Seared sliced Japanese A4 wagyu beef and Japanese taro cake with matsutake mushroom and edible chrysanthemum sauce.
Ristorante il Teatro, the stunning Italian restaurant with front-row views to the dramatic Performance Lake, has received the coveted Forbes Fives Star award for years. At the helm is Executive Chef Nicholas Olivas who takes pride in making the most of every single ingredient that goes into his dishes. He has also carefully chosen the finest autumn produce for this fall, and will be serving Butternut squash risotto, a beautiful blend of butternut squash, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and toasted almonds.
For dining enquiries and reservations at Wynn Palace, please call (853) 8889 3663. For more details, please visit https://www.wynnpalace.com/en or call (853) 8889 8889.
For dining enquiries and reservations at Wynn Macau, please call (853) 8986 3663. For more details, please visit https://www.wynnmacau.com/en or call (853) 2888 9966.