• 04-JUL-2019

Wynn "Career Advancement Program" Enters New Term

Wynn "Career Advancement Program" Enters New Term
Program assists employees to transform their careers and cultivates outstanding industry talents
Macau, July 4, 2019 – Wynn has always been committed to nurturing diverse talents for Macau, actively offering a variety of training programs for team members to enhance their professional skills, as well as to further promote the development of the industry and to nurture outstanding talents. Launched in 2015, Wynn's "Career Advancement Program" provides a 12-month training course for team members who intend to transfer from gaming to non-gaming departments, creating upward and horizontal mobility for local talents. Wynn recently held a launch ceremony for the 20 participants who have joined the program's current term, inspiring them to seize career opportunities and play to their strengths in their respective roles.
At the launch ceremony, Mr. Ian Michael Coughlan, President of Wynn Macau Ltd. said, "One of the most wonderful things about learning is realizing that what you learn will be with you for a lifetime. I'm very proud of our casino colleagues who have shown the ambition and courage to move their careers to the exciting world of Food & Beverage" He added, "Wynn developed the 'Career Advancement Program' to offer team members the opportunity to progress their careers in different areas of our growing hospitality sector. We are continuing to introduce a variety of training programs to enable people to grow with the organization, and we look forward to nurturing more local talents to support Macau's continuing evolvement into a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure."
The new term of the program aims to focus on providing on-the-job training for F&B management talents. This year, a total of 20 participants were carefully chosen through the selection process. During the program they will receive induction training for the first three months, assigned to Hotel and F&B departments to gain an overview of the overall operation. They will then receive six months of intensive training to develop in-depth knowledge and essential skills by rotating through key F&B departments. After the 9-month training, each student will be assigned a department manager as their coach to perform another three months of specialized training in the F&B area of their choice. Following a full year of career development, the graduates will then be appointed as Assistant Manager and officially occupy a management position in the F&B department, where they will continue to learn and exercise management skills in a professional and open environment.
Since its launch, nearly 40 graduates have successfully completed the program and have been promoted to leadership roles, aligning with Wynn's philosophy of nurturing and developing talents. This year, the 20 trainees have already completed the first three months of induction training courses. They will continue to receive a series of trainings in different phrases, pursuing future career development and contributing to Wynn's superior service culture.