• 27-APR-2017

Graduation Ceremony Marks the Successful Completion of Wynn's Inaugural "Leadership Acceleration Program"

Macau, April 27, 2017 – Since opened for nearly 11 years, Wynn remains highly committed to nurturing talents. Upholding its mission to facilitate upward mobility for the local workforce, Wynn launched the "Leadership Acceleration Program - Gaming" in 2016. This 6-month training course for Pit Managers endowed participants with deeper management expertise, helping prepare them for more senior leadership roles in Gaming. Wynn recently organized a graduation ceremony for the first batch of employees who successfully completed the training program, recognizing their work and appreciating the effort they put in over the past half year. The ceremony also aimed to encourage the graduates to continue to fulfill their potential and advance further in their careers.
The graduation ceremony of the inaugural "Leadership Acceleration Program" was held at Wynn Macau. Speaking at the ceremony, Ciarán Carruthers, Chief Operating Officer of Wynn Macau, said that it was not easy for ten graduates to stand out from all candidates and complete the intensive 6-month training course. Their success has proved that Wynn's team members constantly strive to improve and advance their learning and skills. He emphasized that, to grasp opportunities to move upward, frontline employees need to get themselves prepared and elevate their management and communication skills, as well as learn how to handle different challenges in a flexible manner.
The "Leadership Acceleration Program" will continue with a second intake of participants soon and the program will expand its scope to cover non-gaming employees. Wynn hopes to leverage these training courses to nurture more local talents to develop their potential and showcase their leadership qualities, as well as to demonstrate how the company lives up to its promise to facilitate upward mobility locally.