Wynn Presents Awe-inspiring World of the Cosmos with the Launch of "Illuminarium"

  • 19-DEC-2023

Wynn is taking its support for the Macao SAR Government's diversified development strategy, long-term plan to enrich the visitor experience and the development of non-gaming experiences to even greater heights today with the launch of Illuminarium – a brand new immersive destination at Wynn Palace Cotai. The awe-inspiring exhibition is a cosmic feast for the senses, where sight, sound and touch create a stunning and immersive experience for visitors from around the world. 

The Illuminarium is divided into two sections. The first section travels a thousand years back in time when our ancestors looked up at the sky and contemplated the ultimate mysteries of the universe. Building on that imagination and spirit of exploration, China's aerospace industry has spread its wings like the legendary roc, soaring higher and higher with the achievement of each new milestone. In this section of the Illuminarium, visitors will have the opportunity to explore 1,000 years of history, following in the footsteps of our ancestors on a long and exciting journey of discovery to learn all about the stars and the depths of the ocean. It will be a dream come true for many visitors, as they immerse themselves in an experience like no other. 

The second section of the Illuminarium brings visitors back into the present day, with a window into the future. Visitors can climb aboard a spaceship poised to take off and soar through the vast universe in an immersive and interactive experience that perfectly blends science with technology.  Visitors can also walk on the surface of the moon and feel the astounding sensation of stepping on lunar rocks, marvel at the breathtaking depth of the universe whilst surrounded by the galaxy and constellations. Through the lens of a Webb Space Telescope, visitors can take in breathtaking scenes and explore the universe from 360-degree angles – a phenomenal experience for people of all ages. 

The Illuminarium is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (last admission is at 6:00 p.m.). In celebration of the opening, Wynn is offering special ticket prices of MOP198 for visitors and MOP138 for Macau residents. Individuals with Macau student ID cards, seniors aged 65 or above and children aged 4-12, or visitors who register to become "Wynn Insider" members may purchase tickets for MOP148.