Wynn Hosts Sharing Session for the Spirit of "Two Sessions"

  • 27-MAR-2024

Macao, March 26, 2024 — The second session of the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) and the second session of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) – also known as the "Two Sessions" – were successfully held in Beijing recently. On March 22, Wynn hosted a "Spirit of the 2024 NPC and CPPCC Sharing Session" at Wynn Palace to give team members a better understanding of the Two Sessions. Wynn invited four keynote speakers for the sharing session: Mr. Kou Hoi In, Deputy of the NPC Standing Committee and President of the Legislative Assembly of Macao; Mr. Ho Ion Sang, Member of the CPPCC Standing Committee and Member of the Legislative Assembly of Macao; Mr. Ho King Lun, Deputy of the NPC; and Mr. Lee Chong Cheng, Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Member of the Executive Council of Macao. Each speaker provided an overview and shared key highlights from this year's Two Sessions, giving team members much deeper insight into the latest developments and trends in Mainland China and around the region. Wynn was also honored to invite the Friendship Association of Members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at the Macau Provincial Instance to serve as the guiding unit for the event.

At the sharing session, the four keynote speakers outlined the progress of this year's Two Sessions and key national development policies for Wynn team members. Mr. Kou Hoi In said that leaders in China pay close attention to the future development of Macao, listened to the opinions of Macao representatives, and explained that the term "new quality productive forces" means advancing national development through innovative and high-quality productivity. Mr. Kou says that the government work report fully incorporates the opinions and proposals from representatives from all over the country to move forward with work arrangements. The report also provides clear guidelines for how to effectively implement the various policy measures, fully demonstrating democratic consultation and governance.

Mr. Ho Ion Sang shared the key highlights from the Two Sessions and conveyed the important speeches of national leaders. He stated that the main focus of this year's conference was on promoting "Chinese-style modernization". New quality productive forces with scientific and technological innovation at the core, will serve as an important impetus for Chinese-style modernization where quality is key. While growing the economy, it is of paramount importance to construct an ecological civilization, promote green developments that leave less of a carbon footprint, and build a beautiful China. This year's Two Sessions was rich in content, pragmatic and efficient. Members of the Macao CPPCC also shared advice on how to grow the future of Macao's economy and nurture people's livelihoods so that the community can seamlessly integrate into the overall development of the country. Even greater cooperation between Guangdong and Macao is expected to further integrate the two regions and help diversify the development of more industries in Macao.

Mr. Ho King Lun briefly introduced relevant points from the NPC meeting. He said that while there may have been just 12 members in the Macao delegation, the NPC meeting still attracted the attention of all parties. Many central leaders and representatives from national ministries and commissions attended the meeting in person, highlighting the important status of Macao. He said it is also worth highlighting that the proportion of government fiscal revenue in GDP increased for the first time this year since 2015, reaching 17.2%, which is a very positive growth figure. He also stressed that Macao should continue to rely on the advantages of "one country, two systems" to fully safeguard national security and social stability while also supporting the Macao SAR government in administering governance in accordance with the law to elevate Macao's implementation of "one country, two systems" to a new level.

Mr. Lee Chong Cheng said that the six-day meeting was extremely productive and left a deep impression on him. During the event, he learned how Macao members of the CPPCC can better act as a bridge for liaising with China in future. He added that this year's Two Sessions report focuses on the deployment of Macao's work, reflecting the Central Government's emphasis on Macao, which is important for supporting the development of Macao as "one center, one platform, and one base". It is also very important for Macao to gradually implement and cement its work in the future. The report also emphasizes the importance of ensuring and improving people's livelihoods, which is crucial to stabilizing the economy and reflects the Central Government's people-centric development philosophy.

Wynn senior management members also actively participated in the spirit of the Two Sessions, leading team members from various departments to organize and attend the event to demonstrate that the Wynn team fully understands the latest developments of the nation. The sharing session also provided on-site English simultaneous interpretation to convey the spirit of the Two Sessions for non-Chinese speakers. During the interactive session, Wynn team members also took the opportunity to ask the keynote speakers about the spirit of this year's Two Sessions, policy directions and their areas of concern. Nearly 500 Wynn team members from a variety of departments attended the sharing session. Live streaming of the event was also broadcast throughout the Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace employee dining rooms and replayed in the back-of-house areas to convey the spirit of the Two Sessions to nearly 12,000 team members, further deepening and promoting the core values of patriotism for China and Macao.

Every year, Wynn organizes sharing sessions to discuss the spirit of the "Two Sessions" and convey China's development strategies with team members. The aim of each sharing session is to give team members an in-depth understanding of the national policy direction. These sessions have consistently received positive responses from a variety of departments at Wynn, including senior management, administrative teams and frontline team members. These positive responses reflect Wynn's patriotic dedication to the nation and Macao, the company's care for the community and demonstrates how Wynn is moving forward with its mission as an international company that is deeply rooted in Macao.