• 01-FEB-2019


Indulgent fun for all the family

Sweets is the best creamery in town, a playful twist on the grand European patisserie. The intoxicating aroma of fresh Hong Kong-style egg waffles and crepes draws guests into a world of enticing homemade delicacies that will delight anyone with a sweet tooth.

Diners can relax and savor a bounty of edible pop art, including, pastries, specialty cakes, ice creams, macarons, Hong Kong-style egg waffles, cakes and everything chocolate, from bon-bons to truffles to bouchée, presented in five different sections along two marble counters designed in a swirled pattern. To accompany these delights, guests can also enjoy them alongside milkshakes, fruit smoothies and the signature hot or frozen chocolate.

Conceived as a dreamy childhood fantasy of mosaics in ice-cream and dessert-inspired patterns, glass tile pop art interpretations of iconic treats are set against an ombré glass mosaic tile wall in golden caramel shades. Mosaic-covered globe light fixtures are suspended in soffits above each counter while the striking black and white marble floor is decorated with stripes of red mosaic tile to add flashes of excitement, making it the ideal stop for the whole family.