• 01-FEB-2019

Red 8

Around-the-clock Indulgence in Chinese Delicacies

Red 8 is a casual dining venue that serves a tantalizing selection of Chinese specialty cuisine day-and-night.

The spacious and vibrant design of the casual eatery features a 270-degree open kitchen at the center where guests can appreciate an up-close view of the chefs in action. Swift and timely service set the tone of this dynamic restaurant that offers an enticing array of quality Chinese delicacies. And to cater to the needs of different customers, in addition to the entrance connecting to the casino, guests can also access Red 8 from the South Esplanade.

The culinary team at Red 8 sources the finest ingredients from around the world to ensure a delicious and delightful dining experience for its guests. An amazing variety of menu items are available including the classic all-time-favorite dishes like steamed rice rolls, dim sum, stir-fired dishes, various kinds of BBQ meat, noodles and rice. One of the must-try signature items on the menu is the Beijing duck roasted with apple-wood flown in from California in the brick oven, the resulting meat is tender, juicy and flavorsome. Another highlight would be the popular made-to-order crab congee, the silky-smooth texture of the congee and the creaminess of the crab roe will leave you craving for more.