• 01-FEB-2019


Authentic, fresh and fast-paced Italian gourmet fare

Pronto's casual and authentic Italian food is as fast-paced as its name! This bright Italian restaurant features fresh pizzas, pastas and salads made to order and delivered in just minutes, offering a truly Italian experience with an atmosphere reminiscent of Italy, where guests can enjoy dining indoors or al fresco. 

At Pronto, freshly baked Napoli pizzas are served in just three minutes. Or, guests may try the crisp, fresh salads, truly Italian spaghetti, freshly squeezed juices and red wines on offer. The restaurant's simple, yet authentic gourmet fare exudes the real flavors of Italy. Dessert is also a must in Italy! Who can resist the temptation of Sweets right next door, where homemade tiramisu or ice cream awaits?

The restaurant interior blends textures, warm tones and soft lighting to create a classic Italian atmosphere with a modern European touch. As guests enter Pronto, they will discover a Roman barrel vaulted ceiling, sheathed in lime-washed brickwork.  The arched ceiling is juxtaposed with randomly placed copper lights above, while the walls are a mixture of terracotta marble and stainless steel for a bright and comfortable setting. Nestled in the corner of the restaurant, guests will discover a wood-fire pizza oven. On the oven's furnace are intricately designed mosaics featuring flame motifs. One of the main highlights of the restaurant interior is a sloping stainless steel panel on the wall of the open kitchen, where guests can see their reflections and interact with chefs as they prepare their pizzas. Pronto also features a cozy al fresco terrace for leisurely dining outdoors on beautiful, sunny days.