• 01-FEB-2019

Hanami Ramen

The most authentic ramen outside of Japan
Hanami Ramen provides the most authentic ramen experience in Macau, promising uncompromising quality paired with prompt service. It is the ideal spot to help guests refuel and get back to the action.
To uphold the traditions of Japanese cuisine, Hanami Ramen presents a signature, heartwarming broth made with carefully hand-selected pork and finished with secret recipe seasonings to lend a unique flavor to the dish. Guests will also have a choice of premium toppings such as roasted pork or soy marinated egg to complement the hand-spun ramen noodles. For fans, a collection of Japanese teas and beers are also available.
The design of the restaurant is inspired by the Japanese magnolia tree. A large magnolia branch sculpture is suspended above the oval marble ramen counter, featuring cast oiled bronze branches and delicate porcelain magnolia flowers.
The walls are lined with Asian-inspired cabinets, with the door of each painted with a magnolia tree and an ombré sunrise backdrop in red and orange hues. Each cabinet has a slightly different image, which when viewed as a whole maintain a continuous scene. Lanterns with patterns of gold, white, and neutral colors feature pops of orange and red, carefully positioned in between each cabinet.