• 01-FEB-2019

Sichuan Moon

Showcasing the very best of Sichuan cuisine 
Sichuan Moon at Wynn Palace embodies the essence of Sichuan cuisine in a refined and artful way. The aim of Sichuan Moon is to elevate Sichuan cuisine to an entirely new level, by introducing creative new culinary techniques and pairing dishes with extraordinarily rare specialty teas from around the world. The Sichuan Moon interior, which features a breathtakingly beautiful Murano butterfly chandelier as a centerpiece, offers a visually stimulating and immersive dining experience that is a blend of East and West. In honor of its extraordinary cuisine, Sichuan Moon has garnered Michelin two-star accolades from the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau for three consecutive years and the "Restaurant of the Year" award from Forbes Travel Guide 2020. That same year, Sichuan Moon debuted on the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list and earned the prestigious "Highest New Entry Award".
The only way to truly understand the history and culture of a destination is through its food. Sichuan Moon serves as the perfect bridge for sharing the rich and colorful stories of Sichuan cuisine. The professional chefs at Sichuan Moon gather the highest quality ingredients from around the world; put their creative minds together to design artfully presented dishes and cook each of their dishes with perfection to express the profound complexity of Sichuan cuisine. In honor of pickles – a Sichuan specialty – a Sichuan Pickle Master has been invited to ensure the essence and quality of pickles are properly preserved.  Whether the flavors are bold and spicy or light and delicate, the chefs at Sichuan Moon are refining the cuisine to bring out the purest flavors and textures through local and international ingredients. A series of dishes that are native to Sichuan province – hot and sour soup and dan-dan noodles – will each be presented on the degustation menu in a new way for guests to savor at Sichuan Moon. The restaurant also launches a brand new world view of Sichuan cuisine, presenting "color of taste" as a concept to unveil the Discovery Menu, adding spectacular hues and psychological perspective to the experience, leading diners to explore a refreshing and contemporary interpretation of Sichuan culinary arts.
The Chinese tea ceremony is a celebration of Chinese history and culture, and an indispensible part of Sichuan cuisine.  Perfectly positioned at the end of the hall, the tea lounge at Sichuan Moon is a stage for showcasing the rarest of Chinese teas and for tea masters to perform their remarkable art form. The wall behind the tea lounge is made entirely of glass mosaic featuring flowers. A very rare tea also stands on display against a beautiful golden lotus tray.  The Sichuan Moon tea lounge offers a collection of rare Sichuan teas as well as tea that has been specially aged in the Niepoort portpipas.  All teas at Sichuan Moon are brewed in the finest way using olive pit charcoal and boiled with glacier water from Gongga mountains located in Sichuan. Tea is served from silver Sichuan teapots and bamboo tea cups that were handmade by the nation's most respected craftsmen. Each element of the brewing process, from the water, charcoal, tea leaves to the tea ware, are all very carefully carried out by our tea masters who are on stage at the tea lounge to present the very best of Chinese tea. 
A masterfully carved golden leather door leads guests into the magnificent Sichuan Moon dining room. Upon stepping into the dining room, one's attention is immediately drawn to the centerpiece – a custom-made chandelier of hundreds of Italian Murano blue and amber glass butterflies. It is a perfect match with the beige-colored dining room and elegant floral décor.  The restaurant also features 4 private rooms and 2 semi-private rooms designed for all kinds of occasions.