• 11-SEP-2018


Regional Chinese flavors with contemporary interpretations
Authentic regional Chinese flavors with contemporary interpretations in a high-energy atmosphere at Andrea’s, blending the best of Las Vegas with Macau’s unique charm.
The restaurant is a visual journey as much as it is a culinary one. The team of celebrated culinary talent come from different provinces in China, to create dishes that showcase classic Chinese cuisine and cooking techniques in exciting, lively dishes using quality ingredients. Whether enjoying the bold and spicy Sichuan, and Hunan, sophisticated and elaborate Yunnan or delicate Huaiyang cuisines, all are displayed in stunning contemporary presentations.
Bringing an exciting twist to Chinese cuisine, dishes are complemented with a dazzling array of sensational Chinese teas prepared tableside by a team of expert tea sommeliers; the ideal opportunity for diners looking to capture the experience on camera. While the cuisine dazzles the palette, the theatrical show kitchen will delight the senses.
From the moment guests enter the restaurant through a set of leather and gold doors, every detail is worth admiring. Floor-to-ceiling gold latticework niches flank the entrance, three on each side, filled with flowers arranged in an ombré pattern. A custom wall at the entrance features a parasol created from colorful glass mosaic tiles. An intimate five-seat semi-circular marble and leather bar to the left of the entrance provides room to relax before entering the restaurant, where the main dining area presents a luxurious palette of materials including gold leaf, fabrics in neutral hues and marble flooring inset with a gold carpet in a custom parasol pattern.
A plush curved banquette beneath a gold leaf corniced ceiling divides the main dining area from the two sets of three private dining rooms. Guests desiring a more intimate experience will have the ideal spot to enjoy the scene from these elevated spaces, where gold latticework filled with richly textured materials, including metallic leather and mother of pearl capiz shell, define the exterior and back walls. Sumptuous, energetic and elegant, Andrea’s offers a modern interpretation of a secret garden for guests to immerse themselves in, a dynamic dining experience that will be buzzing long into the night.