• 01-FEB-2019

Wing Lei Palace

Authentic Chinese flavors in a palatial setting

Executive Chef Tam Kwok Fung presents the most authentic of Chinese cuisine to guests of Wing Lei Palace, a palatial dining room of gold and jade-toned décor with stunning views overlooking an eight-acre Performance Lake where plumes of water dance delightfully to music. Chef Tam is a master at preparing dishes that are pure and natural and are in perfect harmony with the four seasons. He works with an experienced team of chefs at Wing Lei Palace to create exquisite works of art on a plate that are boldly innovative, yet preserve the essence of traditional Cantonese cooking. Guests are invited to an unforgettable dining experience, where the barbecued meats or "Siu Mei" are slow-roasted over lychee wood, the perfect way to bring out their sweet and succulent flavors. Also not to be missed, are the fresh, steamed dim sum delicacies that are lovingly prepared by hand each day. Wing Lei Palace is a proud recipient of Michelin star, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star award and at the same time, being listed in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants for two years in a row.

Tea is the thread that ties the dining journey together, beginning with a Welcome Tea and ending with a Digestive Tea poured by our Master Tea Sommelier. All of this is done in appreciation of tea's central place in Chinese culture. An extensive array of 40 specialty teas from all across China are hand-selected by our Tea Sommelier to showcase the diversity of flavors and blends of tea while also complementing each exquisite signature dish.

The spectacular décor at Wing Lei Palace provides an opulent setting, articulating a fascination with the architecture, porcelain, textiles and decorative arts of Imperial China, all transposed into a European Opera House. Gold and white provide a striking canvas for accents of rich emerald jade in the lavish three-tiered dining room, which boasts magnificent views of the Performance Lake from every seat. The combination of music, light and dancing plumes of water provide spellbinding entertainment to accompany the sumptuous delicacies on offer.

The entry is a work of theater in itself as guests pass through a stunning garden entrance featuring an allée of heroic scaled vases brimming with flowers and floating in beds of floral color, leading to the visual expanse of the dining room and the dance of the fountains beyond. Seven private dining rooms, reminiscent of European opera boxes, are available for added privacy; of these, three are located lakeside with private outdoor terraces.