• 01-FEB-2019

Sushi Mizumi

Intimate and personal Japanese dining experience

An intimate experience with only 12 seats, Sushi Mizumi is influenced by Tokyo's renowned sushi bars, offering a journey through the unique world of this Japanese culinary art. Guests at the counter are served face-to-face by Master Sushi Chefs trained by renowned Michelin two-star Master Tsutomu Shimamiya, who holds the title of "Contemporary Master Craftsman" – the highest honor of artisan expertise awarded by the Japanese Government. Sushi Mizumi holds the distinguished honor of being awarded as a Five-Star restaurant by the Forbes Travel Guide.

The menu is entirely driven by the seasons, perfectly reflecting the natural cycle of the year as ingredients carefully chosen by the chefs are flown-in five times per week from Japan. The Omakase experience means diners will be guided through an exploration of the finest sushi personally selected by the chefs based on the finest selection of the day. Diners are served at the counter by the chefs at any given time, offering unmatched personal attention to ensure each sushi portion is prepared precisely and enjoyed at the optimum moment.

To delight the most discerning palate, sushi can also be paired with specially-selected sake to provide a complete exploration of the flavors of these quintessential aspects of Japanese cuisine.

From the Japanese hinoki cypress sushi counter that sits under a mobile of brilliant gold and silver origami cranes, to the hand-cut Japanese crystal water glasses and handspun Japanese pottery, every single design detail in Sushi Mizumi is an expression of the country's proud heritage of artisanal craftsmanship.